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Crysteel Custom Select Dump Body on International Tandem single lift axle


Select Custom built designs

The Crysteel Select body program allows you to essentially design your own dump body without incurring the extra cost and leadtime normally associated with custom designed products. Crysteel’s industry exclusive “Build it Your Way” program is more than just a concept — it’s a customer-driven ordering system that makes manufacturing to specific requests a reality. Build one today with Norwood Equipment.

Crysteel Elliptical Style Ripraptor Dump Truck Body


Elliptical Style, Lightweight, High-Strength, Steel Construction

The Raptor series combines a smooth design with the strength to get the job done. Constructed of super high-strength steel, the Raptor actually weighs less than standard bodies, while providing the same capacity! The elliptical design provides optimum performance in the field. When it comes to the really tough jobs, the Crysteel RipRaptor provides the heavy-duty design and construction to power through, taking on rock and demolition materials with ease.

Crysteel Paradox Roxbox Dump Truck Body on Mack chassis


Lightweight, Super High-Strength Steel Construction

ParadoxBox square dump bodies are constructed of lightweight, high-strength steel, resulting in bodies that are considerably lighter than traditional steel bodies. This means more payload dollars every time you load the truck. For the real tough loads, the Paradox RoxBox is ready for whatever you can dish out, including heavy-duty construction, demolition, and quarry applications. The Paradox RoxBox utilizes higher strength steels to make it one of the most durable bodies in the industry.

Crysteel E-Tipper Dump Body on Chevrolet / GMC Light Duty Truck


Light Duty strength, value & style

From the sculpted front and rear pillars to the one-piece seamless sides, to the western crossmemberless understructure, the E-Tipper combines good looks and durability with superior design. Features can be added to create the most versatile body for your needs without custom leadtimes. Body options and accessories add function, are extremely economical and easy to order.

Crysteel Landscape Tipper Dump Body on Chevy / GMC Medium Duty Truck


Light Duty strength, easy loading and unloading

Landscape Contractors will appreciate the built-in conveniences of the Crysteel Landscape Tipper. The unibody design gives superior strength and less area for material to catch giving you an easier clean-out. An optional full weld-on cabshield has built in accommodations for the tarp and is 40" wide to allow wheelbarrow storage with tie down hooks included.

Crysteel LO BOY Dump Body Hoist


Four models are available for 8 to 14-foot bodies

The proven Lo-Boy hoist is engineered for easy installation, ease of operation, safety and long service life. Its low profile adds no body height, keeping the load low. The Lo-Boy is designed with a far-forward lift point, providing easier load elevation and greater stability. A power beyond port and reservoir mounted valve are additional features only found on Crysteel's Lo-boy hoists.

Crysteel Roller-Combo Dump Truck Hoist


Exclusive roller principle provides more breakaway power

The Roller-Combo hoist is so far advanced, its design is patented by Crysteel. The stability, rigidity and power achieved by the Roller-Combo are simply not matched by older hoist designs. The subframe-mounted hoist is made in seven sizes for dump bodies 8 to 17 feet long at capacities up to 34 tons. The exclusive Roller-Combo principle provides more breakaway power by incorporating a short arm position (start) and long arm position (finish) to the upper hoist arm. The variable position means that power remains steady throughout the lift cycle, but provides almost a third more breakaway power.

Crysteel’s Marathon telescopic dump body hoist


Powerful lifting without wasted space

Crysteel’s Marathon telescopic hoist offers powerful lifting without wasted doghouse space. Marathon is trunnion mounted, providing unmatched stability among conventional top pinned telescopic hoists. For traveling over uneven terrain when stress between truck frame and dump body are present, Crysteel designed the floating cradle. It allows the hoist cylinder to pivot up to 2.5 degrees side to side, reducing bending tension. The floating cradle is designed especially for haulers that move in and out of construction, demolition and mining sites.