Labrie Enviroquip Group is one of the largest manufacturer’s of refuse and recycling vehicles in North America. Product lines include the Labrie, Leach, and Wittke brands.



LEACH 2R-III Rear Loader

LEACH 2R-II & 2R-III Rear Loader

Longest lasting line of rear loader products - ever

Meet the truck that more operators demand over any other rear loader in the industry. With its standard 3.5 yd hopper, 5.5” packer/carrier operating cylinders, and class-leading 22-second packing cycle, it’s no wonder the Leach 2R Series is labeled as the most efficient rear-load collection tool on the road today. The Leach 2R-III allows you to collect more refuse per cubic yard than any other truck. Its diamond-shape ejection panel combined with its curved body technology guarantee loads are evenly distributed and that available volume is fully maximized.

LABRIE Automizer Side Loader


Quality & Productivity, standard on every Automizer

The Automizer Right-Hand side loader features a strong, light-weight body with a reliable loading arm that can reach farther than any other automated side loader. Parked cars and other obstacles are no longer an obstacle with an arm that can reach 12-feet and lift up to 1,000 pounds fully extended. Thanks to carefully engineered hydraulics, this arm maneuvers both smoothly and with exacting precision. Having a smooth operating arm is significantly important when maneuvering in tight spaces.

WITTKE Starlight & Superduty


Anything is possible with a WITTKE

The Wittke Starlight is known for its agility. Its low body weight, 15,500 LBS, maximizes the legal payload capacity and its fast lifting cycle ensures rapid loading on the route. The Starlight tackles both residential and commercial routes with ease and with its low body weight, you will be able to collect more material, providing the highest legal payload ever on each collection.

The Wittke Superduty is as rugged as they get. The 16,700 LBS Superduty body is the toughest of all front loaders; engineered to require nominal maintenance and providing the lowest total cost of ownership.

LEACH Mini Rear Loader


Compact, Lightweight, Highly Maneuverable

The Leach Mini Rear Loader is a small and maneuverable garbage truck that will go where full size garbage trucks won’t go. All available configurations from 8 to 17 yd, are FET exempt. The large hopper makes it a highly productive unit. It’s wide enough to handle commercial containers. The 8 yd and 10.5 yd configurations can be mounted on most non-CDL type of chassis.

LABRIE Minimax Side Loader


Because sometimes it pays to have a small truck

Throughout our history we have proven our reputation as both an innovator and an industry leader in bringing optimal collection solutions to our customers while delivering the maximum value for every dollar spent. With this in mind, we started considering solutions for short routes, missed pick ups, parks and recreation, airports, university campuses and all the other places where a nimble and maneuverable smaller truck just makes more sense. The Minimax is the Answer. Completely redesigned and built tougher, this truck is the ideal solution for optimizing your route efficiency and reducing costs.