Founded in 1991 as a small pipeline contracting firm, RapidView is today the leading supplier of high quality, high production, professional sewer, water, industrial and other pipeline inspection cameras, sewer inspection software, and sewer pipe rehabilitation robotics to the North American market.




LISY3 RapidView Lateral Launch Camera System


The First is Still the Best

IBAK invented the lateral launching robot in 1994. These unique systems allow users to drive down the mainline pipe and “launch” a secondary camera into a branching line, typically into a house lateral. The LISY 3.2 is the latest evolution of IBAK’s Lateral Launch system. With faster launch speeds, shorter, more flexible front connector options, and smaller launch cameras, the LISY 3.2 is perfect for your more demanding projects, including reverse launches. This system is capable of launching from a 6” to 48” mainline pipe into laterals 2” and up. The entire drive system was revamped with a larger drive motor and more efficient pressure wheels to increase the launch speed by up to 4x faster than other lateral launchers!

PANORAMO 3D Optical Pipeline Scanners


Digital Revolution

Perhaps the greatest innovation in pipeline inspection technology in decades, the PANORAMO system is providing better data to engineers, reducing stress for operators, increasing productivity and changing the way we inspect our underground infrastructure. The revolutionary digital pipeline scanner will change the way you inspect pipelines. Inspect twice as much pipe per day, increase your image resolution six times over traditional CCTV, and reduce your operating costs by 30% compared to normal CCTV.

ORPHEUS High Definition Inspection Systems


Full HD 16:9 1920 x1080

Why settle for the low-resolution of a standard CCTV system? Now you can inspect in stunning high-definition! Get the information you need and avoid blurry, out of focus pictures. Our system is the only one in the world designed from the ground up to be 100% HD - ensuring that you capture clean, crisp video and high-resolution pictures.

Premium Mainline Packages


Most Flexible & Popluar Package

This package contains all the inspection equipment you need to conduct video inspections in 5” (125mm) to over 48” (1200mm) pipe. With the more powerful synchronized cable reel, 1000-foot (300m) capability, larger more powerful tractor and Orpheus camera, you will be able to conduct inspections with speed and accuracy. The built-in cable winch lowers the tractor into the manhole, reducing stress on personnel and helps prevent damage. This is the perfect system for contractors and cities who conduct normal mainline inspections, but require the capability to inspect larger lines. Multiple configurations available.

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